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Ladies beware of Raymond Borgfeldt!

He's only interested in your credit cards or your money.He'll take his time to build your trust & shower you with small gifts, perfumes, short get away vacations to Las Vegas or the Bahamas, flowers, free rental car vouchers, & dollar store items.

He'll call you throughout your day & talk about his integrity & that he only wants the best for you. He'll shower you with compliments & then ask to borrow money or need to use your credit card after a romantic dinner.'ll end up Broke with poor credit ratings!

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Please contact if anyone knows of this man doing business in the Pro Audio Industry.


Deported from the USA to Sweden...fled Sweden & is seen traveling to Dubai & Gloucester UK.

Raymond Borgfeldt's Visa # is 2006103103001

His Passport # is: 52382030

His Swedish Drivers License is: 453533124 Vagverket

His European phone #: +46 707153014

His US phone line via skype is: 1-954-376-3165

His emails are:,,


Wow...what a rap sheet Borgfeldt's got going on all over the internet! I know this guy..he's well known in the Industry as VERY untrustworthy. DO NOT trust anything he says!


Raymond Borgfeldt scams pro audio company's with insufficient checks or credit lines under other alias names. He ships equipment using frauded shipping accounts & stolen credit card identitys.

Any business done through him is most likely unethical & will cost you more then the bargain he offers. Avoid any of his's a fraud!

If you should date him...hide your money & personal will be taken!


Sociopaths are the most accomplished liar you've ever met in your life. In fact, they lie so well, that even when every instinct within you tells you they are lying through their teeth, you still can't quite make yourself accept the truth about them. They are masters of the old adage that says...if you want to get away with a lie make it such a big one that your audience/victims will believe it is true, simply because they cannot bring themselves to believe that anyone would actually tell such an outrageous lie...and think you were *** enough to believe it! But their arrogance doesn't stop there, oh no, they lie, they cheat, they steal and they mercilessly use the very people who try to love them, or help them and they never...ever feel any guilt or remorse no matter who they hurt...unless of course it is themselves who are hurt.

Did I mention that they have no shame, an accomplished sociopath if caught outright, or even inconvenienced by any degree of disbelief will try to overbearingly dominate the situation with words, and if that doesn't work they will cry and whine and turn into a pitiful sniveling excuse for a human pleading for your mercy, with a lot of psycho-babble excuses for why it isn't their fault.

Sociopaths are likely to be rootless wanderers with nothing much to show for their lives. Why? For the simple reason that they are parasites. Therefore, sooner or later they always wear out their welcome and have to skip town or at the very least...

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Can never step foot in America again! Deported in May 2009. Currently in Stockholm, Sweden.

This man is a convicted felon in the US & under investigation for smuggling & evading Vat taxes in Sweden & the UK.


what a playa

don't hate the player hate the game


I was played like a fiddle by a *** man who I hired to work on my home and who also called me all the time and gave me little gifts. Now he is using the court system of BAY COUNTY, FLORIDA to sue me for his little gifts at exhorbitant prices. The law and regulatory agencies won't admit that he is a scam artist even though has tormented my family for over a year and is manipulating the courts to steal $35,000!

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